It’s Not the Money That SHOULD Count… (But Boy Does It Ever)

Alright, so ‘campaign finance reform’ may very well be the deadest of dead horses around when it comes to another of the ways we ‘count’ in politics.  But, (and forgive me PETA), I’m going to beat it some more for purposes of this post. Continue reading

Who’s Down With EBB… (The Ways WE Count)

So this past week, as a way to cope with a wicked case of writer’s block, I went searching for inspiration in the conference calls, chat-rooms, and community sites that my fellow Centrists and I frequent.  Eventually, rather accidentally, I found myself pondering a question that has grown with importance as our country moves deeper through the primary season toward Election Day…

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Partisanship in the Polling? (‘Proof in the Pudding’)

To my avid readers (all two of you, now), my sincerest apologies.  It’s been too long since my last update and I didn’t mean to leave you all hanging like that.  Now that the fireworks have all been fired, the drinks drank, and the hangovers handled let’s get back to our (ir)regularly scheduled programing.

Last post, I promised to dish some dirt on the part that regional influences play on ethanol supports and jobless benefits.  The idea for this originally struck me whenever I viewed two polls made available by the iCitizen app that show a strong correlation between support and region.  Let’s get on with it see what pans out.

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If You Built It… (They’d All Have to Come)

In the last post, (after a relatively short-lived rant), I highlighted the current state of affairs within our energy sector and offered up a good starting point for reform and improvement.  Today, I’ll be going into a bit of detail as to why and where my home, my commute, and my workplace should, would, and could infuse renewable energy solutions and provide a 100% fossil fuel free energy network.

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Coming Up… (23-30 June 2014)

In the weeks to come, I’ve decided to get away from writing about a grandiose centrist/non-partisan philosophy and instead focus on the more concrete ‘things’ it could deliver if supported.  This next week, the overall theme will be related to the fourth tenet in The Centrist Project’s philosophy, ‘Environmental Responsibility.’

First, I’ll define the problem with our current model of energy generation.  Then, in the next post, I’ll outline what an ‘environmentally responsible’ energy network might look like.  Finally, I’ll highlight the best ‘tech’ available for each piece of the puzzle.

Being known as a bit of a green-energy ‘hippie’ among my friends and family, I’m really excited to be writing this week.  Be sure to check back Monday around noon (EST) for the first installment.  For now, feel free to check out my Facebook page where I’ll be curating articles from Inhabitat that serve as inspiration.

Thanks for reading!
J. Vickrey

‘Political Gibronis’ (Knowing Your Role)

Whenever I sat down and wrote my last post, I strayed a little from my original idea.  I was going to highlight the ideological inconsistency prevalent in both of the major parties.  Instead, I wrote on units and methods of measuring the centrist demographic.  So, because my brain won’t let it go, I am obliged to you to explain the lack of coherence in today’s political discourse.

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