Both of These Things (Are Not Like the Others) – Part 1

So last week I promised a two-part rundown on my two favorite non-partisan and/or Centrist political organizations, No Labels and the Centrist Project.  I’ll kick it off today with part one, a look into each organization’s mission and the fundamental vision both of these organizations tie into.

First,  while the ultimate goal of lowest-common-denominator political problem-solving and constructive debate is what these organizations share, their ways and means to that end couldn’t be more distinct.  Take No Labels for starters, it’s a group of bipartisan Washington insiders looking to expand the influence of a shrinking caucus of politically moderate Senate and Congressional members.  It does this by working through it’s ‘Problem Solvers’ to enact rules changes and pass legislation aimed at bridging the ideological gap between the right and left.  All of this is presented within the frame of a National Strategic Agenda that is modified and distributed through a network of grassroots activists, (a lot like me), that seek out and gather feedback on a variety of political topics so that consensus can be achieved.

While No Labels is making gains from within the inner-cogs of our political machine, the Centrist Project looks to change the face of it.  Founder of the Centrist Project and author of The Centrist Manifesto, Charles Wheelan, calls for the populace to elect a group of power-brokering, populist Senators to help balance against the extremists of the Republican and Democratic parties.  But this project is more than just a cry for moderates in office, it’s actually got a pretty solid and ideologically cohesive platform that takes the most well-received political goals and seeks to make them a reality.

But the great thing that they both share is a refreshing realization we should all come to;  that this ever-rising tide of political polarization is unsustainable and will lead us down a path to ruin.

Next week be sure to check out my analysis of their agenda items and how they overlap!

Thanks for reading!
J. Vickrey


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