Party Palatibility (A Serving of Sensibility)

If there were ever a fatal flaw in the system that held back a party formed of populists, moderates, independents, and Centrists it’s this statement, ‘what good is a party you don’t identify with?’  As much as some would have you believe that the traditional two party system isn’t going anywhere, it’s about to have to go somewhere.  Let’s crack open the can o’ worms as to why.

When polled, a clear mandate state they are independents ahead of being for either party.  As of January 8, 2014, over 40% of Americans were independents.  Oh and the best part, it was for the third year in a row.  On top of that, being politically independent has been an ever-increasing trend over the last ten years.

However, I’m not going to whitewash it.  There are those that are of the opinion that there can’t be THAT many independents.  ‘Sure,’ they say, ‘that would sound pretty impressive…IF IT WERE TRUE.’  What they’re alluding to is a frequently published poll showing the ‘lean’ of the electorate.  I call bunk on this supposed ‘lean.’

First, who’s to say that by asking where they lean a pollster isn’t pushing them to an answer based solely on a single issue?  It seems single-issue political divides pepper the electorate.  I’ve seen it time and time again.  Whether it be abortion, gay marriage, taxes, or entitlements independent voters aren’t allowed a moment’s rest before they feel that same old feeling of ‘fight or flight’ when thinking, speaking, or acting politically.  Every sound-bite streamed 24/7 from the news to straight to you is but another way to set the hook.  Then, it’s just a matter of minutes before they’re coaxing you over to a party you may very well regret you ever went to.

Furthermore, no matter what we’re led to believe, politics is not about issues taken individually.  As a whole, both parties are absolutely terrible when it comes to adhering to a comprehensive set of fundamental principles.  But, I’ll cover that when I get to the ideological inconsistency rampant throughout both traditional party platforms later this week.  For a quick primer, check out pages 18 to 20 in “The Centrist Manifesto” by Charles Wheelan.

Finally, when you look at it generally, we’ve hovered around a 60% majority that agrees the country is on the wrong track.  To add fuel to the flame, just look at what dire straits Congress is in when it comes to job approval; the highest being a 37% average of all polling.  IN MARCH OF 2009!  Can you believe that it dipped even further than that?  Currently, Congress would be lucky to see a 20% job approval.  C’mon people, that’s shameful…am I right?

But have no fear, the generational differences are clear.  This non-partisan trend is continuing to gain traction with younger and younger generations.  In my opinion, there couldn’t be a better time.

Thanks again for reading.  Don’t forget to tell  all of your friends to tell all of their friends that you did; (and their friends’ friends, too)!  Until next time…

J. Vickrey



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