Coming Up… (23-30 June 2014)

In the weeks to come, I’ve decided to get away from writing about a grandiose centrist/non-partisan philosophy and instead focus on the more concrete ‘things’ it could deliver if supported.  This next week, the overall theme will be related to the fourth tenet in The Centrist Project’s philosophy, ‘Environmental Responsibility.’

First, I’ll define the problem with our current model of energy generation.  Then, in the next post, I’ll outline what an ‘environmentally responsible’ energy network might look like.  Finally, I’ll highlight the best ‘tech’ available for each piece of the puzzle.

Being known as a bit of a green-energy ‘hippie’ among my friends and family, I’m really excited to be writing this week.  Be sure to check back Monday around noon (EST) for the first installment.  For now, feel free to check out my Facebook page where I’ll be curating articles from Inhabitat that serve as inspiration.

Thanks for reading!
J. Vickrey


6 thoughts on “Coming Up… (23-30 June 2014)

    • Thanks! The topic is one that stands to be covered at length, which brings the downside of having to be both entertaining and serious for, in all probability, longer than I actually know how to be at any one time. But, give it a read and let me know your thoughts! I could use an honest critique.

  1. Excellent start. Light enough to invite a read (and I am a fan of puns and wordplay, so…), but with meat as well. Most people simply are overwhelmed at this point. We all know it is bad, but individually people feel helpless. And nearly all but those who do money trackbacks have no idea how many things are funded by non profits or other groups that support those who profit in the end. Nice clickable charts and articles. Keep going…

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