So Much to Say…

In the process of researching my last post in the series, I came to realize (or re-realize) a few things.  Chief among them, trying to deliver the most complete and comprehensive listing of the best green energy products is a lot like herding cats…

(…that have just taken a hit of catnip and then been injected with adrenaline, maybe…) There are, very literally, a TON of products on the market that help energy consumers generate their own power.  However, that doesn’t mean that I come to you empty handed.  I may not have some handy dandy list, but what I do have is knowledge.  Ready to receive?  Good, let’s get started.

First, while all ‘men’ (that’s right…men can be feminist, too) are created equal, not every geography was.  I alluded to this notion in my last post, but I fell short of every application of this idea.  Not only is the amount of sunlight going to be different (as a function of the sunny days seen in your area), but the character of sunlight will also vary.  Thus, insolation is born.  But, for all you trolls out there that are printing up t-shirts that say ‘quality > quantity’ you might want to drop the stencil and back away from the tie-dye.  Quantity is still the most important factor, at least when it comes to solar AND wind.  Ways to maximize the particular kWh both are able to generate for you are here (thank you Mr. Trollinger and New Leaf blog) and here (thank you Lazar Rozenblat).

Moving on to piezoelectrics… For all you mass casualty disaster prepping, life-hacking efficiency types I have two words; steer clear.  In fact, unless you just so happen to be a green energy engineering guru like Elon Musk (to wit, I am the ultimate fanboy), or some really visionary city planner with a limitless ‘Black Card’ budget and a more than a few high-traffic pedestrian zones, then I wouldn’t even think about it.  It isn’t that it wouldn’t be a great thing to incorporate, it’s just that it’s so underwhelming in the amount of energy it produces that it can’t come close to comparing to what else is out there.  Bottom-line, the technology, though great in theory, will really have to be improved in order to pay off for the average consumer.

Finally, every green energy generating device should come with a disclaimer; unless you absolutely plan to cut back your power consumption THAT much, don’t expect just one PV panel or one turbine (especially not just a lone piezoelectric tile) to be able to keep up and exceed your demand.  Off-grid living is possible, absolutely, but it may not be the life for you.  My suggestion?  Take it slow.  Look at any green energy generation project just as you would any other investment.  Save a little now, buy the most efficient device(s) you can without breaking the bank, and set any savings you see from your average electricity bill aside for future investment, upkeep, or replacement.

Anyway readers, my hope is that I’ve at least gotten you to think not about the dream of turning your home into your very own independently operated power production facility; but the reality.

Thanks for reading!
J. Vickrey


4 thoughts on “So Much to Say…

  1. LOL, well, I’m not flush with readers, less than 300, but perhaps this will push more to your space. I plan on highlighting your blog in my Thursday Tale-Tellers spot coming up in the next few weeks. Thank you for the mention.

    If you’ve not seen my newest site birth, take a gander and let me know what you think.
    Particularly in regards to navigation, ease of use, whatnot. And let your wife provide feedback too!

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