Who’s Down With EBB… (The Ways WE Count)

So this past week, as a way to cope with a wicked case of writer’s block, I went searching for inspiration in the conference calls, chat-rooms, and community sites that my fellow Centrists and I frequent.  Eventually, rather accidentally, I found myself pondering a question that has grown with importance as our country moves deeper through the primary season toward Election Day…

For as ‘democratic’ as we claim to be, how representative are our elections when it comes to majority will and agenda building?

I mulled this over for a bit, and then a bit more, and then I decided to read some poetry, and THEN (finally) inspiration struck…

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Appropriate, right?  I mean, there’s a more than a few ways we’ve shown the proverbial ‘love’ to the candidates with which we most closely identify.  Whether it be the simple punch of a ballot or a grueling eight hour day canvassing the district, we’ve all done our part to be heard, seen, and felt at some point.  Still, whenever I’m in these get-togethers, (virtual or otherwise), I notice the crowd could stand to be a little more…what’s the word I’m looking for…oh, that’s right…CROWDED.

In that spirit, I’m going to give it the ‘old college try’ and, in my next series of posts, count the number of ways that WE, the ‘pluribus‘, COULD be so rightly enumerated IF all the systemic supports to parties were purged.  Oh, you thought you saw fireworks on the 4th?  Well, prepare for your mind to be blown.

Read me later!
J. Vickrey


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