Party Palatibility (A Serving of Sensibility)

If there were ever a fatal flaw in the system that held back a party formed of populists, moderates, independents, and Centrists it’s this statement, ‘what good is a party you don’t identify with?’  As much as some would have you believe that the traditional two party system isn’t going anywhere, it’s about to have to go somewhere.  Let’s crack open the can o’ worms as to why.

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Why Cantor Couldn’t (Explaining the ‘Immaculate Dispossesion’)

So, for the sake of full disclosure, if it had been any other ‘status quo’ Republican that defeated Mr. Cantor I probably wouldn’t be talking about this right now.  In fact, even if it had been some space alien that just landed and was trying to get elected in order to overthrow the wor…actually, I’d probably be pretty interested in that.  But no, it was that ‘Tea Party’ label that dragged me into this.  Thankfully, Mr. Brat leaves me pleasantly surprised, so far.

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Both of These Things (Are Not Like the Others) – Part 2

To recap last week, I kicked off my analysis of the two most recent organizations to form under a non-partisan flag; No Labels and The Centrist Project.  In the first installment, I tried to give you a feel for the shared vision that brings them together and the wholly independent strategies they’re taking to achieve it.  This week, I’ll be breaking apart each organization’s agenda, outlining their most critical ideas for political reform, and grouping like items to arrive at a comprehensive, and definitively non-partisan, reform agenda.

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Quid Pro Quote, ‘…party platforms do not prevail.’

For change to occur, our leaders must understand that there is not only strength in compromise, courage in conciliation and honor in consensus-building — but also a political reward for following these tenets. That reward will be real only if the people demonstrate their desire for politicians to come together after the planks in their respective party platforms do not prevail.

I certainly don’t have all the answers, and reversing the corrosive trend of winner-take-all politics will take time. But as I enter a new chapter in my life, I see a critical need to engender public support for the political center, for our democracy to flourish and to find solutions that unite rather than divide us.

– Sen. (fmr.) Olympia J. Snowe, (R-ME)

This, THIS, is what Centrism is about…

This is a woman whose voting record stood as a testament to her desire for bipartisanship.  THIS is a woman who never forgot that the Senate was never solely hers, nor her party’s, alone.  As you find in this quote, and will so further find in the rest of the Washington Post article dated 1 March, 2012, she is the rarest breed of politician; she believes that it should be better.

Moreover, whether by accident or by design, she’s come by a realization that’s seemingly lost on all but a select few these days; that while, yes our political institutions and extremist politicians DO need to change the way they conduct themselves, the fault is everyone’s to share in.  You see, what she illuminates, (and I currently fumble over words in my rush to explain), is that the division, the pettiness, and the heavy-handed dismissiveness that we see in our legislative branch is but a mirror of the public that elects it.

In this election season, I beg you to remember her words, hold back your own sometimes, and really listen to those whom you in a distant past once swore to be your political enemy.  For, the future of not just our own lives but those of generations to come remains a puzzle we all bear some responsibility in solving.  It will take compromise and cooperation, humility and respect, patience and the recognition that our system will fail to achieve in direct proportion to the amount in which we refuse to grow.

J. Vickrey

Both of These Things (Are Not Like the Others) – Part 1

So last week I promised a two-part rundown on my two favorite non-partisan and/or Centrist political organizations, No Labels and the Centrist Project.  I’ll kick it off today with part one, a look into each organization’s mission and the fundamental vision both of these organizations tie into.

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Critical Thinking Meets Your Inner Cent

Sometimes I wonder just how customary it is of pundits these days to do all the work for you in forming your opinion…

I can just see them now, carefully crafting just the right mix of metaphor and simile to lay the smack down just hard enough to make your minds meld.  Toiling away at the perfect copy that’s so SEO savvy as to send you to all the right sites; sites that are ever-so-gently suspending your disbelief enough to dispel your inner Centrist.

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