“One Cent to Another”

So what am I about?  In a word, commonality.  But commonality isn’t the most common of commodities these days.  All too often, I find myself forced to talk about what someone else doesn’t agree with rather than find out what we all can agree on.

So here I am, a non-partisan political scientist long exhausted with the run-around of political pandering. Everyday, I find myself studying more about how we’re getting further and further apart politically and less about the ideas and fundamental principles that I know for a fact we could agree on; each a common sense vision and plan for our future that a seemingly silent majority supports.

As I’m entering my 30’s I find that I’m losing that sense of what I originally knew politics to be; a crowded room full of people just looking to share their ideas and eventually solve a problem they all, (every one of them), share.

How did we get here?  Who really knows.  How do we get past it?  Hopefully I can help us find out.  For now, I hope you enjoy the blog!

From one ‘Cent’ to another…
J. Vickrey


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